Saturday, July 18, 2009

Puppet Show

Last Friday we went to a puppet show at the library by the Great AZ Puppet Theater.  The girls loved it...well Alyssa more than Emi, but she did pretty well too.  The show was The Little Red Hen and the lady did a great job performing it.  It was really funny because before the show started the lady was plugging the theater's current shows, one being Goldilocks...well at the end of the performance that we saw (which Alyssa sat so contently through) Alyssa turned to me and said, "when are they starting Goldilocks."  It was really cute/funny...she sat so patiently through the whole performance just waiting for the 'real' show to start, the show she really wanted to see!  ...I felt bad for her though, because she was really upset we weren't going to see Goldilocks.  All in all, a really great morning! :)

Thanks for inviting us Holly!
Alyssa sitting like a big girl! :)

After the show the lady showed the kids how the puppets worked.

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