Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trip to Flagstaff

Last week we got to go to Flagstaff for a couple of days with the Williams family. We had such a nice time hanging out with them and playing in the snow! The first day we drove up Nate, the girls, and I pulled off somewhere on the NAU campus and let the kids just play in a field of snow for a while when we first got into town, then we walked around the town for a while, and then met the Williams' for some sledding before dinner. The next day we hung low in the morning and then went to a really big sledding place for the afternoon that had all different sizes of hills for everyone to slide down. It was really fun to get away and play in the snow for a couple days!
Yummmm, snow!

Alyssa did such a great job going up the hills all by herself.

I got to take Tyson a couple times...his smile was too cute when we got down the hill, he had so much fun!

What a big girl!

Trey and Alyssa were so cute together...they would sled down all by themselves on one slide and then they would carry the slide together back up the hill!

Emi and Tyson taking a little break.

Emi was worn out!

We had a jetted tub in our hotel room so I thought it'd be fun to give the girls a really fun bubble bath...well as you can see it ended up to be a really out of control bath! :)


Mandy Kershaw said...

Emily is so cute all covered in suds. I love it!

A and E Downing said...

love the pics of the kiddos in the snow! looks like so much fun!

Amy said...

That is hilarious - the last pic of emily looks like she's saying "HELP!"