Friday, January 9, 2009

Emi's 1 1/2 years old!

Emily turned 1 1/2 a little over a week ago and I've loved reading everyone's little ones birthday & 1/2 birthday posts...and since I have the worst memory, and Emi's doing some cute things right now I thought I better write it down. :)

*she LOVES playing with her baby dolls...feeding, holding, putting them to bed, etc. and saying baaaay-beeee (baby).

*she seems to be potty training herself...she'll go to the bathroom in her diaper and then grab her diaper and say oh-oh-oh. Once she even took my hand after she has gone in her diaper and lead me into the bathroom. As most of you know, this is COMPLETELY different than Alyssa!

*she's starting to say a lot of words, da-da, ya (yes), bye-bye, and bubba (what we call our dog Bailey) are her favorites! ...but she's starting to repeat a lot of things we try to have her say.

*she's just starting to say no and mine. :( Alyssa gets so upset when she says it...I'm like hmmmm I wonder where she learned it from???

*she tries to get herself dressed (she's really good at getting herself undressed, especially during naps!).

*she LOVES shoes! it's so funny...she always wants to show people her shoes, she takes them off, puts them on, and picks out different pairs from her room all day.

*she likes looking at books...not me reading them to her, just looking at them by herself.

*she loves dancing...and has some pretty sweet dance moves where she takes one leg and puts it in front of her and then spins in a circle. hard to explain, but very funny!

*she has to do everything that Alyssa does ...m&m's for Alyssa, m&m's for Emi ...dancing w/Alyssa, dancing w/Emi ...tickling Alyssa, Emi falls to the ground and waits to be tickled. It's pretty cute!

*she has the sweetest smile and eyes!!! :) I love you Boo Bear!


Amy said...

Love you Emi! You are one sweet girl! And I have witnessed the shoe thing. She showed me her pink camo crocs..of course I LOVED them b/c anything pink is cute :).

Jason and Lisa said...

So cute, what a sweet girl. Happy 18 months!

Filleman Family said...

She looks so big in that first picture. When did that happen?

Mandy Kershaw said...

She's so adorable but especially with her little pigtails!

Jenn Saylor said...

Happy 18 months! She is so cute and sweet. I love those pigtails as well.

Andrea Downing said...

wow. what a beautiful little girl!