Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Fun

We had such a nice time celebrating Jesus' birthday this year! Alyssa loved hearing the amazing story of God sending His son to earth over and over again...and so did I! It was really fun to do different crafts with her this year relating to Jesus' birth, I can't wait to see how much more her and Emi grasp next year.

Here's some pics of all the different family celebrations we took part in this year...

Opening stockings...

The girls new Tutu's!

Alyssa's favorite gift...a kid's digital camera.

Emily's favorite gift...a puppy vacuum.

Even the doggies got presents!

Christmas Eve with my extended family...

Alyssa was too cute with my Aunt & Uncle's Nativity scene in their front yard. She went over and talked with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus and then wanted a picture of each of them separately, it was pretty cute!

Christmas morning we had my immediate family over. Emily got new baby bottles (feeding her babies is one of her favorite things to do). Here's Emi feeding her babies...and herself! ;)

Alyssa got new princess dress up clothes for grandma's house...she loved that it came with earrings!


Cristina said...

cute girls. love the new year's back ground!

Theresa said...

Looks like fun!

A and E Downing said...

so fun! the girls look quite enthralled with everything :)