Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random January pics of the girls

I have been very bad about taking pictures lately so the past few days I've had my camera in my hand at all times! ;)

Hangin' at the park

Their favorite activity during bath time.

Emi reading to her baby.

Celebrating Amariah's birthday at the park!
Alyssa and the birthday girl!

Amariah is into horses so her mommy made these beautiful cakes for her..


Melissa said...

Very cute pictures, Emily looks SO old, when did that happen??

Cristina said...

Cool pictures... why did the conference get rescheduled?

Jen said...

His mother-in-law past away and the funeral was this w/e.

Jason and Lisa said...

Cute pics. I've noticed all these money saving what tips do you have for cutting the grocery bill?

Jenn Saylor said...

They are so cute - I love Emi reading to her baby. I think you need another baby...kididng!