Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Zoo

Today some friends met us at the zoo for a BIG play group...it was very fun! There were some really cute pictures of all the kids, so I thought I'd post some. Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day and for the wonderful women you have placed in my life!
It seemed like all the animals were much closer to us today than normal...zebras were walking around as close as they could get, otters were running/swimming around, all the giraffes were close, tons of turtles swimming around right where we were eating lunch, and a couple times we past peacocks just walking around...they even 'let' the kids chase them around. :)
My attempt at turning a single stroller into a double. ;) ...and they're actually smiling! I think it's the 1st picture I've got of them both looking at the camera and smiling!!!


Amy said...

So fun! Sorry I missed but I would have NEVER kept up with you all. Ouch!

Andrea Downing said...

very cute! love emi's hat!