Sunday, March 1, 2009

If you haven't...

...gotten your paper (or an extra paper) today, it is a good week to do so! 3 coupon inserts filled with lots of good coupons. :)

...gone grocery shopping lately, today (or at least by Tuesday) would be a good time to go to save some money. Safeway has a sale going on through today only, including .97 eggs, 3.99 Tyson chicken nuggets, 3lb bag of apples for .98, and Campbell's Select Harvest soup for .88. If you got your ad the other day or today's ad in the paper, there are some great coupons in it... FREE 2 liter of any Pepsi product, .99 butter, and .99 Raisin Bran or Frosted Mini Wheats. These coupons are good until 3/3 and if you got the ad in today's paper, there are many more coupons in the ad that are good thru 3/8. Pair them up with manufacturer coupons (from the paper or printed from internet sites like for an even greater deal! Okay, now for Fry's...just go! ;) No seriously, there are some really great deals through Tuesday that are worth checking out. If you don't have the ad, you can go to their website and check out your local ad.

...gone to and printed coupons in the last couple days, go quickly if you use coupons. There are $5.00 & $3.00 of 1 package of diapers!!! ...and many, many more great coupons.

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