Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tag I'm It - Seven Random Facts

Here's 7 random facts about me:

1) I used to have my tongue pierced ... got it done New Year's Eve 1999 and it lasted for a couple months (too hard to hide at work).
2) I was a host for a teenage radio talk show called Blunt...it was an hour long weekly show where we interviewed people in the community (congressmen, lawyers, etc.) about controversial topics (i.e. gay rights, abortion, etc.).
3) I'll go off Michelle's 'travel' answer since mine is the complete opposite...I've only traveled outside the US to Quebec, Tijuana, and Nogales, but I've been to at least 29 states and P.R.!
4) I can touch my nose with my tongue and I can fit my fist in my mouth.
5) I used to play the trombone.
6) I can put a lobster to sleep...you do it by standing the lobster on it's head and rubbing it's head between the eyes.
7) I played soccer through h.s. and was the goalie.

I tag Andrea, Lexi, Leala, Heather H. and Amy W. :)


Pam said...

I can fit my fist in my mouth too!!!

Melissa said...

See you are an interesting person! Don't forget the belly chain!

Theresa said...

You are VERY interesting...!!! Belly chain? what a crack-up! ;)

Jen said...

You brought up the belly chain?? OH NO! ;)

Yes, I went through a little hip hop stage and went to the Puff Daddy (yes that was still his name then) concert wearing a belly chain. Sad, sad times! :)

A and E Downing said...

hehe. . .I can't believe no one has commented on your ability to put a lobster to sleep. . . that cracked me up. . .

also, thanks for the tag, I was just thinking yesterday that I was hoping to avoid this one :)

Jen said...

Sorry Andrea, I was hoping to avoid it too...but since I was dragged into it, I had to drag others with me!!! ;)

The Martins said...

I loved the lobster comment, too! Does it work for kids?

Also wondered if taking out the tongue ring secretly had something to do with the trombone. Tongue ring+ trombone = probably not a good idea.

Jenn Saylor said...

Wow - you definitely have some interesting facts about you...very funny. I, too, can fit my fist in my mouth...great party tricks! And yes, I have done the belly chain...what were we thinking?