Monday, December 15, 2008

Cardinals vs Vikings

This Sunday Nate and I were able to go to the Cardinals game...Nate is from Minnesota so it was fun to see the Viks play the Cards. We decided to take Alyssa with us and it was SO much fun!!! She had such a great time and did great, even despite it being during nap time...and as many of you know, my girls LOVE (and need) their sleep! ;) All she's been talking about, since she found out she was coming with us, is getting cotton pretty much as soon as we got there we got a bag of that. After that disappeared she asked for popcorn. How does she know that food is such a big part of sporting events??? ;)
She was so good at cheering for the Cardinals the whole game, even though there wasn't too much to cheer for yesterday...actually every time the Vikings scored she thought it was the Cardinals so she would start cheering, I had to stop that very quickly!!! ;)

Alyssa on the bus taking us from the parking lot to the game.


We scored, we scored!!!
Getting tired...


Amy said...

Wow, who put you in those nose bleeds? :)

Jen said...

Some great friends! :)

A and E Downing said...

how fun!

Heather said...

That is so cool that the three of you were able to go!!! Did she need her own ticket or could she just sit on your lap?!?!?

It's so cool to see the brainwashing, er I mean training take root! My little boys are already well down the path towards Cowboy's obbsession.

Jen said...

She just sat on our laps..I can't believe how good she did, because she's always on the go and never wants to sit still, but she just sat and snuggled with us! :)
...actually the people next to us left a few minutes after the game started so there were extra seats, but she didn't want to sit by herself.
Yes, I have brainwashed her well! People that follow other teams always try to get her to say "Go 'whatever the team is'" and she just looks at them w/a confused look and then says "Go Cardinals!!!" :)

Cristina said...