Monday, December 15, 2008

Lunch with friends

Last week we got to have our friends Amariah and Easten over for lunch...and since my kitchen table was in my garage for the yard sale I was having, I took the kids outside to eat their lunch. They had a great time eating together on the little picnic table (Emi did so good sitting like a big girl!) and then playing outside for a while after. Alyssa was so sad that Amariah had to leave and that she wasn't going to nap at our house, too cute!

Then the next day we were able to meet Mercy and Kristina for lunch...I'm glad it was a last minute decision to meet them, because I heard all about it from Alyssa the entire time before we met them..."Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!", "I'm eating lunch with Mercy!!!", "When are we going to lunch?", etc. etc.! :) They had so much fun running around together...and Emi was so cute following them all around doing everything they were doing! One cute thing was Mercy kept laying down on the ground pretending to be sleeping or something and all of a sudden Kristina and I look at the girls and both Alyssa and Emily are laying down just like Mercy. :)

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