Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 4 in LA

Day 4 was Saturday and Nate only had to work part of the day, so he was home by the time the girls got up from their afternoon nap! :) In the morning after Emi's nap we went back to the park for a little while...and Emi went down the slide all by herself!! It was so cute, she climbed up the stairs, walked over the bridge, climbed to the slide, sat down (which is a huge accomplishment for her...a few months ago she would just start walking down the slide, which doesn't work so well!), and went down the slide. What a big girl!!! :)
Here's Alyssa being so good (and quiet) during Emi's nap! :)
Alyssa loved this big slide!

When the girls woke up and Nate was back we headed to Santa Monica to meet one of Nate's friends from Minnesota, who now lives in LA, and his wife for dinner. We got there early so were able to walk near the beach before meeting them at dinner. The weather was perfect and it was nice to be all together. :)

This was some sculpture thing along the boardwalk area that Alyssa had fun climbing through.

It was so great to see Tyler and had been a couple years since we had seen them last. They picked a really cute place to eat and it was YUMMY!! The girls loved meeting them...but Alyssa especially took to Heidi, it was sooo cute! :) ...thank you Tyler and Heidi for taking the time to meet for dinner, we had a great time!

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