Friday, October 31, 2008

The AZ State Fair

On Wednesday my parents, the girls and I went to the State Fair for the afternoon. We had a great time! It was so fun to see the girls enjoying seeing the animals, eating the food, and of course riding the rides! :)

Emi was so sad that she wasn't able to go on all the rides that Alyssa went on. I didn't think she would care...or even notice for that matter, but she was really upset. Next year Emi!!! :)

Here's Alyssa going on her first ride by herself!!! What a big girl! :)

Alyssa wanted to go in this funhouse SO bad, but the sign said you had to have closed toe shoes on, which meant...Grandma had to take her! Oh, Grandma was so thrilled about that! ;) ...thanks Mom for being a great Grandma!!!
Trying to keep Emi entertained while Alyssa went on 'big girl' rides..."Look Emi, hay! ...isn't this fun!?!?"

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