Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 3 in LA...

Yesterday was much less eventful...PHEW!!! ;)
Emily took her morning nap and I tried to keep a 3 year old quiet in a hotel room for 2 hours! ...but Alyssa actually did a really great job and Emily was much happier the rest of the day so it worked out well. Then we headed to the park since it was so nice out...but about 30 min. after we got there Alyssa fell apart and was ready for her nap. Oh well, the nice weather was nice for at least a little while. ;)

Yes, that's WIND blowing her felt so good to have air moving! :)
This is just a picture of Alyssa sleeping, but I thought it was so cute because in my mind she's getting so big, but she looked so little sleeping in this big bed!

After naps we headed to dinner at a Cheesecake Factory that was right on a Marina. It was really nice to watch the boats and see the ocean while eating dinner. After dinner we took a walk outside where all the boats were. ...and that's about it for our day, back to the hotel we went for bedtime. :)


Theresa said...

So much fun!

Jason and Lisa said...

Yum, love Cheesecake Factory.

The pic of Alyssa is too cute and funny. She does look SO little in that big bed!