Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas morning :)

Christmas keeps getting better and better to celebrate with our girls. The girls and I read, crafted, acted out, and retold the Christmas story many times and I just love how much they understood it and enjoyed hearing the wonderful story of our Savior's birth! One of our favorite things was the nativity scene we got from church. The girls loved following the daily activities (coloring, singing, reading, etc.), I already can't wait until next Christmas!!! Thank you God for sending your Son to us, so amazing and wonderful!

Here are some pics of the girls opening their presents (we did this on Christmas Eve, with the exception of a mini-trampoline and a play kitchen we saved for them to open on Christmas) and the completed nativity scene. :)
I love all of Emi's faces while 'analyzing' her presents. :)

Waiting to see what daddy got.
Alyssa's favorite gift...a bag full of Barbies and accessories! (Great yard sale find!!!)
Emi's favorite...a microphone you can sing into. :)

Alyssa was so cute...she went into my storage container of gift bags and got a Hello Kitty bag. (because that's what Emily likes) :) Then she went through all her toys and filled the bag with things for Emi to open on Christmas. It was things they play with everyday (books, barbies, etc.), but Emi was so excited about everything when she opened was pretty sweet! She especially liked the Snow White book, Alyssa knew she would...she picked that one out specifically! :)
Alyssa thanking Emi for her new headbands. :)

I love how she opens presents...

...especially when she stands on them! :)

I'm so glad I was able to find a Snow White (or known to Emi as 'no white') shirt for Emi, that's her favorite princess! :)
We decided to put together the kitchen the night before so they could play with it right away, but we still wanted them to open we hid it in the garage and wrapped the box.
Nate went out to get it after they saw the box, but they opened the top before he got back and were a little confused. Alyssa said, "we got an empty box???", so I told her they can use it as a hideaway house...
...she was so excited about that! Here she is telling Emily all the fun things they could do with the was so cute! ...they WERE very excited to see a real kitchen too though. ;)
The girls got right to work! ;)
My girls!


Jenna Kellso said...

That was so sweet! I love the picture of Emi with the baby carrier-Being a mom is a very serious job!

Jason and Lisa said...

Great pics. Looks like a fun Christmas Eve. I love Alyssa's comments about the empty box and her thoughtfulness in what she picked for Emi to open.

Heidi Marie said...

What fun! I love your tree as well, real? And I am thinking that picture of Emi with the baby carrier is too funny. She looks like a mini mom. Maybe I can borrow her for when our baby is fussy? PS- glad to hear some of your gifts were from garage sales...same here:0)

Jen said...

Yes Heidi, you can borrow Emi to carry around Luke anytime. :) The tree was real, our first real one and I LOVED it!!! ...and yes, MANY gifts were from yard sales, including the trampoline. :)

Andrea Downing said...

love the girls reactions to the empty box! looks like you had such a fun christmas!

Susan said...

Adorable! Such precious little beauties, your girls.

Janet Yates said...

Such great pictures! I didn't know that Emi loves Snow White so much. I should have given you the "No White" book we found Saturday morning! You're so sweet. You didn't even say anything! Love the kitchen, too!