Friday, January 15, 2010

Misc. pics from the last few weeks

Lena teaching Alyssa had to take a picture at Tyler & Kendall's wedding. Thank you for being so patient Lena, she had so much fun!
So excited to see the picture she took!

Alyssa got to be right up front to see the cake cutting! :) She was very excited!!!
My cute Emi :)
Alyssa holding baby Hannah, Jamie and Josie's new little girl. I can't believe Alyssa asked to hold a baby, that's usually all Emi!
Alyssa getting Emi a treat for going pee-pee on the potty. What a good big sister!
I dropped my camera last week and now some pics come out fuzzy. :( Oh well, Emi & baby Brooklyn still make for a cute picture!
Enjoying a day at the zoo.

They tried 'milking' the cow, but the water wasn't on...they were very disappointed.
For some reason Alyssa really wanted to see goats this time...the petting zoo is not my favorite at all, but I sacrificed for her and we had a good time. :)
Enjoying snuggle time with grandma while watching a movie.

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