Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend with friends

This past weekend we went up north with our 'high school friends' (people we've been friends with since high school...some of them have been friends since preschool!).  We've gone up the past couple years and it's always such a great time.  Just relaxing, enjoying the beautiful weather, eating yummy food, and playing a bunch of games!  Thanks John & Stacy for allowing us to join you at the Lodge, you put together a wonderful weekend.

Alyssa loves picking flowers and giving them to everyone. :)
Gotta have the baby, baby stroller, and all the baby supplies wherever we go. ;)
Aaron and Alyssa checking out a rainbow after a storm.
Like I said in a previous post, Alyssa has been waiting to play in the rain for months when I saw that it was going to be raining off & on while we were at the lodge I packed the rain gear right away!  I'm so glad they got to use it!!!  :)
The other side of the rainbow.
I forgot why we put the girls to bed in our bed before moving them to the pack n play & sleeping bag, but we did...and they did great!  They were so cute (and I was so impressed that they fell asleep next to each other, and with out a fuss) that I had to take some pics. :)
All the kids (11 total!) had so much fun playing together.
Alyssa was so excited that she was allowed to play the piano.
Sorry, more sleeping pics. ;)

Alyssa wasn't feeling well on the way home so we pulled over for a couple minutes...she ended up being fine after a little fresh air.  PHEW!


Cristina said...

How fun! I like the picture on the side mirror.

Jason and Lisa said...

I love the sleeping pics. What a fun get away with old friends.

Amy said...

Awesome! Cool weather clothes...can't wait!

Theresa said...

The matching jammies-ADORABLE! I love matching "babies." And the shot in the mirror is SO cool! I wouldn't have thought to pull out the camera at that point! ;)