Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random December pics

I love this silly girl!

Celebrating Laney's 2nd birthday

Kristina made these super cute monkey cupcakes.
The other day the girls and I took a walk to the grocery store and on the way home we stopped to just run in the grass. I couldn't believe how much fun the girls had...no balls to kick, no play ground to play on, just room to run! :)
Here's the girls with our friend Brandon after his Christmas play.
I love how enthralled Emi was with 'baby Jesus'.
This past Saturday Emi and I had some one-on-one time while running errands. We stopped at Petco and they had these little carts, just perfect for Emi. She loved it!!! :) She kept grabbing stuff and throwing it in the cart saying, "we need this." (acting like she was SO BIG!) It was really cute!


Amy said...

I'm so impressed that you always have your camera on these little adventures! So cute! Did Nate tell you that Emi saw me at church and said "Hi BABY BROOKLYN!" so funny!

Jen said...

I just have a little camera so it fits easily in my purse. ;)
That is too cute!