Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Misc. pics over the last week

Emi brought me a bunch of clippies and wanted me to put them all in her hair, what a cutie pie!
Our first watermelon from our garden. It was very small and picked too early, but I think it's so cool that we can actually grow watermelon!
After dinner at the Williams', Emi jumped on the couch next to Kenny and just sat there for a few minutes, sitting just like him. :)
I think this is 'marker attack' #1...there were a few afterwards, but I think I lost the humor (not that it ever was funny...but sometimes you just need to laugh and grab the camera!) in the situation and decided to not take any more pictures. ;)


Jason and Lisa said...

Oh goodness with the marker! At least it looks like washable markers?, I hope!

Jen said...

washable...after a couple days. ;)