Friday, May 1, 2009

Emi's eye :(

On Tuesday Emi was playing with some bubbles on cement and slipped and fell.  On the way down she hit her eye on a planter and got a little gash.  We went to urgent care to see if she needed stitches and to make sure she was okay.  When we got there the doctor said she'd need 1-2 stitches and that since it was near her eye she wanted to try and get her to fall asleep before stitching her up.  Well after a couple doses of medicine and a couple hours of not falling asleep her cut closed up and we were let go with no stitches!  That was such a blessing, praise God!

Here are some pictures of her eye now...swollen and very colorful. :(  She's doing great though!  It's actually never bothered her, except the initial shock when she fell.  She was playing around like a monkey in the dr.'s office and now if you ask her where her owie is she'll point to some random body part, like her knee.  She is one tough little girl. :)

*The ones from my cell phone are really small, sorry!


Theresa said...

Poor baby girl! thank goodness you avoided stitches!!

Amy said...

Poor baby! I was around Emi's age when I got a cut from a planter in the same spot and had to have stitches. You can still see my scar.

Jason and Lisa said...

Wow, what a tough little girl. I'm glad she is fine.

Heather said...

It's time's like this that it is sooooooo hard to be a parent. I hate it when my kids get hurt.

Yup, she's one tough cookie.